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Shipping Vehicles To Guyana Via Container Shipping

If you are looking to ship your car in another state or internationally, Zip Logistics got you covered. We simplify the process as always so it won’t be as technically daunting as it is.

The vehicles are delivered personally or we coordinate delivery with a transport service. Basically, all vehicles should be in the warehouse prior to departure.

Container shipping or enclosed transport is definitely worth a red cent as it gives more value for your money.

Most people who opt for container shipping vehicles to Guyana have smaller or regular-sized vehicles such as a motorcycle, car, or truck which can fit into a standard 20-foot or 40-foot high cube container.

This would either be for a sole or single-use or a consolidated container wherein your vehicle would share space with other vehicles that are bound to the same destination.

Yes, consolidated container shipping is way cheaper than going solo because you get to share the costs of port charges, ocean freight, and customs clearance with other people.

The only downside is that the container would need to be full before it is set to sail so it could take up some time.

So, if you are in a hurry or would need to transport your vehicle right away then your only option would be to book a 20-foot or 40-foot container. 

Consolidation/Solo Container Shipping Process

  • Vehicles are received in the warehouse for detailed inspection. Photographs are also taken for record and reference purposes.
  • Vehicles are kept in the warehouse until it’s ready to ship.
  • We have full control of the actual loading and overall handling of vehicles.
  • Containers are secured and sealed when delivered to the port for loading.
  • At the loading facility, the vehicles are carefully positioned before chocked with ratchet straps so that your vehicles remain in place and won’t move in the entire shipping duration.

Container units are one of the classic yet efficient and secure ways to ship or transport vehicles.

These containers are able to protect your vehicles and prevent theft or damage while being shipped out so it will make it to its destination in mint condition.

Zip Logistics provides you a secure, reliable, and cost-efficient container shipping service for your vehicles at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

We provide flexible container shipping of vehicles to Guyana especially if you have more than one vehicle bound for shipping.

Basically, a standard 20-foot container would be able to store one vehicle while a 40-foot container can fit two vehicles of average sizes.

Our shipping containers have all passed safety regulations and requirements for loading and transporting vehicles.

Containers are all watertight, secure, and have top-notch structural integrity so you can be confident that your vehicles will be protected from theft or harmful elements that can pose any damage to your car.

What We Generally Cover For Container Shipping

  • Luxury Sport Cars
  • Antique Cars
  • Any Regular Car
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks

We are not in a habit of selling snow to Eskimos, so we deliver exactly and even exceed client expectations. This is expected to trump competition because we always add extra value to our services.

Advantages of Container Shipping Vehicles

High Insurance Coverage

Vehicles for closed container shipping are insured for 1 million dollars while vehicles that are transported in open-air carriers are insured for only $100,000.

Full Protection

As vehicles are in an enclosed container, your vehicles have complete protection against extreme weather conditions or even from mishandling or theft.

We ensure that all vehicles are rendered safe upon loading onto containers and are not taken out until it is unloaded to its destination port.

Additional Layer of Security

We keep your vehicle hidden or on stealth mode. This is specifically designed for luxury cars as even the smallest parts can be a hot item and are extremely pricey in the black market.

We have the system in place to keep your vehicles out of sight and practically out of danger.

Climate-Controlled Containers

Our shipping containers won’t pose threats of damage to your vehicles especially for the luxury and antique ones that are very delicate or fragile because our units are all climate-controlled.

This shields your vehicles from extreme environmental or weather conditions.

Available and Accessible for Shipping in All Countries

If you intend to ship your vehicles internationally or overseas, then container shipping is one of the best ways to do it. This is widely available in all countries; even in less developed ones.

We know that your vehicles aren’t just investment pieces but are personally connected with you. We know how your cars or motorcycles are extremely valuable that is why Zip Logistics treats them all as luxury pieces.

Container shipping is definitely the best available option for your vehicles. We have a fully certified and trained staff to move your vehicles in the safest way possible.

Got a vehicle to ship in Guyana? Get in touch with us now for your container shipping needs.

How To Move Your Personal Or Household Belongings By Freight Shipping

Are you moving to another country or location? Relocating can be a tasking feat even for a skilled multitasking individual.

Fortunately, Zip Logistics can help you plan, get organized, and move your personal or household items and effects to a new location in the United States or internationally.

Sea Freight

This is by far the most commonly used route for transporting personal or household goods to a new location.

It’s multimodal or would use a ground freight or trucker to pick up and then transport cargo straight to the port. This is basically a door-to-port service with customs clearance documents filled out and duly submitted.

For sea freight, you would be provided two options:

Full Container Load (FCL)

A Full Container Load or Full Trailer Load (FTL) is a type of ocean or sea freight service that costs cheaper in comparison to Less than Container Load (LCL).

This is equivalent to a shipment of one person. So the shipper exclusively uses up or occupies the entire capacity of the container without sharing it with anyone else.

As you get exclusive use of the entire container, FCL is deemed more appropriate especially for expensive and highly fragile goods for both export and import.

This also has a faster transport or transit time because there wouldn’t be any need for deconsolidation or consolidation of items which is necessary for LCL.

FCL is recommended for the following:

·         To protect or secure your cargo. Not sharing the container with other shippers would help safeguard your goods and lower risks of damage.

·         To ship goods or belongings that accumulates to more than 10 standard pallets. You get better and way cheaper rates if you ship via FCL than LCL.

  • To fast-track shipment processes. FCL shipments have considerably shorter transit times because it doesn’t have to go through a lot of hubs or processes, unlike LCL shipments.

For shipping motor vehicles via FCL, this would be consolidated with other motor vehicles like cars, heavy equipment, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and the like in multimodal sea freight containers. This also requires registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Less than Container Load (LCL)

If you plan to ship small quantities or volume of cargo then it would be better to use LCL.

With this option, you share the container with other shippers and also get to split the fees. It’s basically a consolidated sea freight service for both personal and commercial cargo.

All household items or personal effects must be properly labeled, boxed, and packed upon arrival into the warehouse for easy consolidation. The costs would be based on every 35 cubic feet or one cubic meter.

As your cargo would be mixed or placed together with other LCL shipments, it is recommended to palletize loose boxes for added security. You will be required to present a packing list for shipment of household goods or personal effects.

Air Freight

Compared to sea freight, shipping household belongings via air freight is more expensive. This explains why this is a less common choice when it comes to shipping personal or household belongings (which are not up for sale).

More so, there is a limitation set of the volume or weight of personal goods that can be shipped via this route as of course, a plane isn’t as roomy compared to a shipping container.

On the flip side, air freight has its perks as well. While it may have an expensive price tag and some limits on space, the convenience and speed factors really make this a viable option especially for those who urgently need to ship household items or move to another location following a very tight schedule.

Yes, air freight is the fastest way to move personal cargo overseas or in the United States.

When shipping personal or household goods, the volume of cargo that needs to be transported is crucial to choosing what type of freight shipping suits your needs.

With Zip Logistics, you can count on a highly reliable, certified, and reputable freight forwarder that is also an Accredited International Mover.

With that being said, we can help you with your relocation needs locally and also in moving household or personal belongings internationally.

freight forwarding types

Basic Types of Freight Forwarders – Which Freight Shipping Mode Suits You?

 People nowadays are driven by consumerism. Many companies bombard consumers with different product lines to choose from. In fact, a new device or a product would be introduced into the market one after another.

This is actually an exciting yet riveting part of being a consumer – the truckload of options. People can get into a wild shopping frenzy. These products would include basic goods like food, clothing, furniture, household appliances, and smart devices or gadgets for personal and business use.

Freight shipping services play a pivotal role in the transport and distribution of products. Many businesses wouldn’t be operational at all without freight forwarders. 

Without freight shipping companies like Zip Logistics, raw materials and equipment won’t be transported to manufacturers and products won’t be delivered to retail stores.

What is Freight Forwarders?

Freight shipping or forwarding is simply the transporting of bulk shipments from one location to the point of destination. The transportation process is just one part of it, as freight shipping also covers organizing, scheduling, handling, and paperwork. This basically includes loading, unloading, and also insurance services.

Zip Logistics basically takes care of the whole nine yards for your transport needs. Yes, this is hands down a crucial element for businesses to be able to meet the needs of different customers in a fast and efficient way.

Tons of different products get shipped around internationally or locally in a daily grind. Freight forwarding companies would import and export local and international goods. This includes perishable goods and even highly sensitive properties.  

Businesses or individuals would use different shipping methods depending on volume, destination, or other shipping needs. Versatility is a game plan – and it’s in our books.

Freight refers to any shipment that weighs greater than 150 pounds. So, the smaller packages are usually via parcels like FedEx or UPS. Freight would usually be loaded directly into the floor or by pallet. We provide online tracking options so you can be on top of your shipment in real-time.

Types of Freight Forwarding Services

 There are different modes or types of freight forwarding services that cater to varied transporting or shipping needs.

Ground Freight Shipping

Also dubbed as door-to-door shipping, this is typically used for local transporting of goods. Trucks are used for loading and unloading cargo locally or from one state to another.  Around 26 pallets can be loaded into a standard size truck.

This is an affordable option but could be costly too depending on traffic, road hazards, and infrastructure problems.

Rail Freight Shipping

If you are a bit low on the budget, you might want to consider this eco-friendly option. This is said to be a faster and more economical option for freight shipping. 

This is a safe and also cost-efficient way to move cargos as it’s free from any traffic or roadblocks. It can do both domestic and international shipping.

Sea Freight Shipping

Used mostly for shipping overseas, this mode of freight shipping makes use of ferries and ships for transporting cargos. 

It’s the classic and oldest form of ship freight for both domestic and international shipping of large containers. The only downside is that this could be slower than other forms. But, is one of the cheapest modes available to move goods and products.

Air Freight Shipping

If you want to move your cargo fast then this is the best route to do it. Airfreight services make use of cargo planes which is ideal for packages that have a weight of more than 100 pounds. 

This may be considered as a top-dollar option or rather pricey but this is the safest and quickest way to transport your cargo for both domestic and international shipping.

The above types of freight forwarding modes or types can all be involved in a single shipment. For instance, with international shipments, both air and sea freight shipping is needed. Moving the cargo from piers and airports would also require ground freight shipping or the use of trucks.  

At Zip Logistics, we got you covered with all the logistics involved for your cargo transportation needs. 

Whether it is for personal or business shipping, our professional freight forwarding services provide you the best rates in terms of carriers, customs clearance services, insurance, and inventory management or warehousing. 

We act as a professional and expert intermediary so you won’t need to stress yourself with the little to humongous details of freight forwarding.