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Troubleshooting Guide -Amazon Tracking Shows DELIVERED But NOT RECEIVED

There have been complaints surrounding the non-delivery of Amazon orders that were marked as DELIVERED.

The issue could be anywhere between tracking errors, miscalculations of deliveries in carriers or delivery services and even transacting with fake Amazon sellers.

Dealing with Shady Amazon Sellers

It’s a lingering problem especially if you are dealing with a fake or rogue seller at Amazon. This can be a tricky feat indeed. These sellers or retailers would usually choose popular items or products to sell on Amazon. They would usually list these items as cheaper than what is posted by other retailers on the platform.  

Upon receiving orders, the fake seller would say that the parcel is en route which automatically prompts the release of funds to the account.

The fake seller would provide an estimated delivery date of four weeks in order to technically bypass the two-week payment cycle of Amazon. In this way, the fraudster would be able to get into stealth mode before the buyers complain to Amazon and move to close the account.

How To Avoid Being Targeted by Fake Amazon Sellers

The easiest way to verify whether an Amazon seller is legitimate or fake is to check on their reputation which is reflected in their feedback scores. Just click on the Amazon seller’s name and then you would be directed to the profile page.

Right at the profile page, you can readily check on the seller’s score over the past several months and also their lifetime feedback rating.

Choose Fulfilled by Amazon Products

When shopping with Amazon, it would be wise to choose featured items that are marked as Fulfilled by Amazon. This gives you an extra layer of security in your online purchases because even though the products are sold by third-party retailers, the package would be sent from an Amazon Fulfillment Center. In this way, customers would be able to easily track packages straight from the Amazon accounts. More so, Amazon would also be fully liable for product returns and customer service.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy from third-party retailers which are not marked as Fulfilled by Amazon products, then you are still protected by Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee Protection. Under this, timely delivery and condition of the items purchased are guaranteed provided that you have made a purchase right at the Amazon website or on third-party websites using Amazon Pay.

Customers who would buy from an Amazon seller or directly from the Amazon website would be eligible to receive a maximum of $2,500 plus shipping fees.

If you happen to order items from a third-party retailer with no Fulfilled by Amazon protection then you would not be able to track your parcel real-time using Amazon Echo. A fake seller or scammer could just easily charge your card and inform you that your order has been shipped without anything shipped at all. You are still however covered by the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee.

Steps To Take When Making an A-to-Z Guarantee Claim

Contact the Amazon Seller

Using your Amazon account, contact your seller regarding the issue at hand. Give the seller at least 24 to 48 hours to get back to you. If the seller is unable to respond at the given timeframe or you were completely dissuaded by the response, then you can go ahead with filing a claim.

Fulfill at Least One of the Following Conditions:

  • Item has not been received within 30 days or was not delivered 3 days following the expected delivery date.
  • Package or product was defective, damaged, or different from the ordered item/s.
  • Returned item to Amazon was not issued a refund.
  • You need to return a product or package internationally but Amazon seller could not provide a valid U.S. address or even an international shipping label.
  • Errors or miscalculations in shipping and customs fees which you would have to pay upon delivery.

Amazon Claims Should be Filed Within 90 Days Following the Estimated Delivery Schedule.

To file a claim, go straight to Accounts and Lists > Your Account > Your Orders. Go to the particular order that you would want to file a claim on and then click on File/View Claim. Explain the reasons for making a claim on the first box. Go to the second box, and then choose the Request refund through the A-Z Guarantee option.

Amazon Prime Members Get Additional Perks!

For Amazon Prime members who experienced orders that are marked delivered but never really arrived yet. The process above still applies but you get to bag more extras or perks for the non-delivery of your parcels.

If your item is not delivered within the given timeframe then you would get a free one-month subscription to Amazon Prime which would be on top or added to your current Amazon Prime subscription. Some Amazon Prime members also reportedly received discount vouchers and other freebies.

Non-delivery of Amazon packages has been a nagging issue for a while now. There seems to be a chipped edge somewhere or a loose spot that causes this but should be worth an exhaustive look-over so everything would go smoothly.

Zip Logistics seriously wants to put FUN, RELIABILITY, and CONVENIENCE back into the platform. This is exactly what this guide is for anyway!  

USPS Tracking Shows DELIVERED But NO PACKAGE Was Received

Shopping online has created not just hype but a revolution. It became a new genome of lifestyle for everyone. Who wouldn’t be enticed with the convenience, speed, and fun of shopping online? It’s that irresistible.

If you happen to order at Amazon or eBay, you would know how it works. Upon successful checkout, all you have to do now is to wait for an email notification. But, what if you did get a delivery email and got no package?

You’d think these things happen all the time. Make a Google search right now and you’ll find out how often this issue happens to Amazon orders.  However, there seems to be a logical explanation behind this sudden disappearance of packages.

Allegations on Pressing USPS Issue

According to CBS Atlanta and mentioned on Lifehacker, a former USPS carrier revealed that the supervisors themselves would give specific orders or instructions to falsify delivery times or to scan packages as delivered when they’re not.

The reason behind this is that if USPS incurs late deliveries then they wouldn’t be able to comply with the two-day delivery guarantee which in turn jeopardizes the agreement between USPS and Amazon.

But, reportedly, if USPS declares they have delivered mail and packages on time then this the liability is legitimately transferred to Amazon. So, in effect, if you didn’t get your packages even if it was marked delivered then Amazon would be responsible for it.

Customers would in turn hound Amazon. In this setup, USPS would keep the contract while Amazon delivers customers a gift card, a month of free Amazon Prime, discounts, or any other offer in the effort to make customers feel better about the situation.

USPS has denied all these allegations from the said report. To date, USPS is still the preferred shipper for Amazon and eBay orders or for other quick e-commerce deliveries.

What Should You Do When This Happens to Your Amazon Order?

Well, the first thing that would come to mind when your Amazon package goes missing even after it was marked delivered is that it could be misdelivered or scanned by mistake by USPS.

Even Amazon confirms that there are rare cases wherein the packages would be marked DELIVERED at a duration of 36 to 48 hours pending arrival. Here are some troubleshooting methods you can do to locate your packages:

  • Verify the accuracy of the shipping address. Verify that all details are accurate and have no typo errors whatsoever as the slightest mistake in numbers could mess up a delivery.
  • Check for any attempted deliveries in your location. Check with neighbors to know if anyone else has received your package.
  • Check your mailbox or Amazon locker.
  • Wait for at least 36 to 48 hours. Most packages would be marked as delivered even when it’s pending delivery for a couple of hours.

If 36 to 48 hours have passed and still your package is a no-show, then you can file a complaint directly at Amazon.

Just click on the particular order that’s missing then click on Select an Issue > Where’s My Stuff > Select Issue Details > Tracking shows delivered but item not received.

At this point, you would be able to reach Amazon via live chat, email, or phone.

You can make a quick Google search on the Amazon delivery or USPS delivery problems which would reveal a lot of customer complaints on the same problem. However, if your package or order has not arrived yet for several days and extend to weeks or months, then you can cancel it. Amazon will not charge the credit cards until orders are confirmed.

You can also easily track your packages with USPS Informed Delivery. This would provide you more information on where your package is.

Locating Your USPS Package Locally and Internationally

There are many instances when a USPS package is marked DELIVERED but has not been received yet.  Below are actionable steps you can take depending on your order’s shipping category.

Shipped via USPS First Class or Priority:

  1. USPS delivery vans are equipped with GPS technology that tends to update shipments prematurely or delivered even when it isn’t. All you have to do now when you check for these marked as delivered orders are to wait for another business day because it would most likely arrive the next day.
  2. Get in touch with your local post office. Check with them regarding details on the date of delivery and who delivered the parcel.
  3. If days have passed and your package has not arrived yet then it is recommended to file a claim with your local post office.

Shipped via USPS Priority:

The same process to follow with the only difference that Priority packages or mail is insured by the USPS and they are deemed liable for any stolen or misdelivered packages.

International USPS Delivery

For international USPS parcel, these would usually be marked as delivered as soon as it arrives at the facility and processed in the new tracking system. Lags are normal for international deliveries or discrepancies in tracking depending on couriers.

If your package is marked as DELIVERED and yet you have not received anything yet for more than 48 hours then contact your local post office and contact your local customs office for your delivery.