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Air Freight Advantages – Ship It With Zip Logistics!

Moving cargo or products from one point to another has always been a challenge especially decades ago. However, the evolution of transportation has made it possible to ship goods or items locally and internationally.

Airfreight has always been a deluxe offer by Zip Logistics. You shouldn’t miss out on this “Zip Speed” edge!

Top Air Freight Advantages You Should Know


Speed is said to be the top most important factor that consumers would look for in a freight forwarder. The kicker is that speed is our expertise. Speedy delivery or shipping is an influential factor for clients when trying to figure out which carrier they should go for.

 It’s like boosting user experience with fast loading speed of websites which pretty much works the same way with moving products from point A to point B for both commercial and personal purposes.

This is particularly a crucial factor for air freight. This is Zip Logistics’ fastest solution to move your cargo in the quickest time possible.


This has the most vantage point when pegged with inland freight or sea freight because it can pick up and drop off virtually anywhere or at any destination of your choice.

Even remote locations can be reached and serviced by air freight on a frequent basis which is why most people prefer to move items in this route.

Accuracy and Reliability

This definitely goes hand in hand with almost anything – even with freight forwarding. Airfreight is dubbed to have the most accurate and reliable shipping arrival rates.

Yes, you can predictably guarantee the arrival and departure times. In fact, you can even guarantee same-day delivery or next day delivery with this method which you can’t expect 100% of the time with other shipping modes.

Real-Time Tracking

Zip Logistics allows you to be on top of your cargo deliveries with an online or web tracking service to check on your cargo status and location at any given point. This allows you to track your cargo from shipping to destination point or arrival.

Reduced Risks of Damage, Spoilage, or Lost Cargo

For time-sensitive cargo, air freight is your go-to option. Insurance costs for air freight are much lower compared to sea freight considering the short lead times or quick deliveries.

If you intend to ship perishable goods or even valuable items like jewelry or antique goods then this is the best option available. The fast transit times lower the risk of damage or theft.

Heightened Security

While this can be a hassle for some, air freight’s tight security is what makes this the best choice for commercial and personal shippers. The strict monitoring and security provide clients peace of mind that their cargoes are in good hands and will be shipped in mint condition.

Lower Packaging Costs

Cargo shipped via air freight would most likely be in lightweight packaging and would not need additional containers or packing materials.

Nothing Comes Close to Zip Logistics

The decision to ship via Zip Logistics air freight is entirely up to you. When it comes to efficiency and reliability, nothing really comes to close to what we have to offer our clients.

This is the best way to optimize your business gears so you can take off and soar onto greater heights. Our diverse shipping solutions and expertise help you get right where you want to be.

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