Some things to remember when Shipping to Guyana by Air

Shipping to Guyana by air can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you have that urgent item you need for your event or that part you need to get your machine back up and running. These urgent situations is part of the reason Zip Logistics was formed and why Air Fright is such an important part of our business.

Although we try our best to facilitate every request, there are some things that can help us ensure your cargo is processed accurately and on time.

We try our best to make decisions in the limited time we have after packages are received whether to ship or hold certain items.

We que all small packages received by the flight cutoff for air automatically (anything below 50lbs) unless we have a specific request to hold. If it’s above 50lbs we try our best to make contact with you to find out if the item is for air or ocean. These decisions usually have to be made within minutes and if we cannot get in contact we will hold the package until we receive instructions.

Here are two tips that can help with this situation:

  1. If you are expecting a large package for air you can let us know ahead of time by sending us the tracking information of the package so that we can alert our receiving team.
    1. When communicating shipping instructions it’s always a good idea to include the tracking number(s) or warehouse receipt number(s) for reference. Since we receive hundreds of packages per day it’s sometimes difficult to process requests without this information.

We also have many customers with similar names so here is a tip that can help us process your packages to the correct account:

  1. Remember to put your company name, suite number, country code or customer number in the Address 2 or suite number field. Packages that are received without this information are placed aside for further verification and may be delayed in entering into the system.

We ship to Guyana two times per week. Sometimes there is a bit of confusion regarding cutoff times and flight arrival times. Below is a summary of the cutoff times and estimated pickup times.

  1. Flight cutoffs Guyana:
    1. Cutoff: Monday 12PM – Pickup: Tuesday after 4PM (Barring any delays)
    2. Cutoff: Wednesday 2PM – Pickup: Friday after 4PM (Barring any delays)

Items need to be received and entered before the cutoff time to make the flight. This gives us enough time to properly manifest all items received and prepare additional documents now required in Guyana. Sometimes there are factors beyond our control such as flight and customs delays and we try our best to keep you updated as they arise.

Here at Zip Logistics, we will continue to improve our service to keep with our main goal of providing you Hassle Free Shipping!

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