Key Challenges Faced By The Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry Today

There’s bound to be a curveball somewhere when it comes to how Zip Logistics handles freight forwarding and logistics.

We become disruptive in the sense that we ease into a world that constantly takes on different forms. Just like any other industry, the freight forwarding industry has its share of challenges and trends that create that air of uncertainty to the economy.

Apart from the fact that the volatile nature of the global economy affects the freight forwarding and logistics industry, there are other internal and external challenges and processes that impact both small- and large-scale freight forwarding companies.

Supply Chain, Trade, and Technology Wars

One factor is how much influence the e-commerce sector has today. Technology has made people communicate and even do business in the quickest, convenient and innovative ways.

Every business would require shipping or delivery of raw materials, products, and goods in different places. There is a raging war of machines or technology that clearly depicts how logistics can clearly win you more leads and sales or could contribute to your loss in the supply chain wars.

Freight forwarding and logistics are now facing a market or audience that is fundamentally shopping-crazed. Well, you couldn’t really blame customers because e-commerce has made shopping and business transactions a walk in the park.

Logistics helps take care of the laborious part like delivery or cargo shipping, so you can easily focus on optimizing your business or shop ‘til you drop; so-to-speak. And that is just a part of how freight forwarding and logistics work by the way.

Up Against More Competition

Freight forwarding companies are widely fragmented. It’s a dog-eat-dog kind of competitive arena because, in order to stand out, the freight forwarder must bring to the table the best prices and services when pitted with other companies.  

The international trade and supply chains are complex as it is. Now, freight forwarders must be equipped both in data and physical technology to cope with upcoming trends and disruptions in the industry.

Even Amazon and Alibaba have joined the freight forwarding arena by having their own distribution systems. This could pose both a threat and an opportunity for many freight forwarders to step it up and add more value to their client processes.


Freight forwarders are basically intermediaries in between supply systems or the freight carriers and shippers. Disintermediation works on getting the middlemen out of the picture.

However, freight forwarding companies have become very proactive using digital and cloud-based technologies to enhance data management and automate their processes which include online booking, online reporting tools, freight quotations, as well as track-and-trace capabilities. This facilitates speedy communication and also enhances flexibility and transparency in transactions.

These attempts to getting rid of the middlemen or freight forwarders have only made these companies more agile and competitive than ever. This has raised the bar for everyone that benefits the entire trade industry.

Even small startups can now have the entire world as a target market for a minimal cost because of freight forwarding services that offer a more personalized and customer-centric approach.

Increase in Forwarding Costs

The international trading currency would be usually in the US dollar which is very volatile. This affects both freight forwarding costs as well as market prices which impacts customers the most.

Rising oil prices in the international market also directly influence freight forwarding costs which hits freight forwarders the most.

In addition, service charges or fees also vary from point to point which is also carried over by freight forwarders. Transport infrastructures too are not always ideal which could result in increased maintenance costs.

The Main Challenge – Price Tag Vs. User Experience

Many people or businesses see freight forwarders as mainly the “delivery company” which puts more emphasis on the price tag rather on the quality of services. This is referred to as commoditization.

So, this makes it harder or challenging for freight forwarders to win based on user experience when shipping companies would win by price.

The main challenge of many freight forwarders today is clearly how to put the spotlight on “user experience” and personalized services especially in a market that is always on the lookout for cheaper and quicker deliveries.

Providing integrated, value-added, data-driven, technology-backed, and customized services with cheap pricing allow Zip Logistics to remain competitive in this game.

coronavirus prevention

Fact Guide – How To Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19 or Coronavirus Disease

The thought of Covid-19 and how it can disrupt your life in an instant can eat you up emotionally, mentally, and physically. The coronavirus scare has been spreading like wildfire and disrupting routines and lives.

What started in Wuhan, China has now traversed to different parts of the globe. True enough, coronavirus knows no boundaries or limits.

The Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus is often tagged as “novel” simply because it’s a new strain in the family of coronaviruses. This is closely linked to that of SARS and MERS but spreads more like the common flu.

Is it deadly? Well, it’s contagious but not nearly as deadly compared to SARS. Basically, what fuels the horror is that there is very little that people know about this novel strain. Lack of information and even misinformation can cause panic.

Facts on Covid-19 – What We Know So Far

What do we know so far about the coronavirus disease?

Medical experts know for a fact that this would usually spread in the form of droplets. Yes, it’s contagious like the common flu but far from the deadly wrath of SARS and MERS.

Common Symptoms

  • Low-grade fever
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Colds
  • Cough

Comparison of MERS, SARS, Common Flu, and Covid-19

To date, the death rate of those infected with Covid-19 in China is at 2% and is said to affect the seniors or elderly (people in their 70s) the most. This is in comparison to the death rate of MERS which is 34% and SARS at 10%.  It appears that Covid-19 is mild and less deadly compared to other coronaviruses that affected the world in previous years.

Do you know that in the United States, even the common flu causes around 12,000 to 61,000 deaths yearly since 2010? Yes, this CDC report reveals that the common flu could be more dangerous than the coronavirus disease that is now setting the globe in a panic state. It’s in extremes at the moment. Countries are having travel bans and economies seem to experience glitches and slips in profit.

Smokers and also those who have underlying medical or respiratory problems are also most susceptible to getting the Covid-19. The elderly and young children are most prone too.

Awaiting Vaccine for Coronavirus Disease

For the common flu, a flu shot or vaccine can easily prevent its spread. However, there is no vaccine yet for coronavirus disease as it’s a new kid on the block in the coronaviruses family.

While there are vaccines currently in development it would still be a long process of undergoing further tests or examinations before it is approved and released in the public.

The best way to protect you and your family from the common flu is to get a flu shot. However, there are other ways to prevent flu or transmission. What works for the common flu also works for the coronavirus disease.

Frequent Washing of Hands

Ditch the surgical mask but never forget to wash your hands vigorously. If you are aware of the 20-second rule in washing your hands, well that actually works. In fact, medical experts recommend following that count each and every single time you wash your hands.

According to the CDC, regular handwashing with soap and clean water is very important to ward off sickness in the family. Good hygiene at home or in the workplace should be strictly followed to avoid spread of any viral illness such as that of Covid-19.

Do take note that any kind of virus is usually transmitted through air droplets. So, if you happen to have an infected person near you in a public place or even at home who sneezes or coughs then you can catch the virus that way.

The virus can also be on table surfaces or in elevator buttons and doorknobs. So, if you happen to touch these surfaces and then touch your nose, eyes, or mouth then you are at high risk of becoming infected.

If you happen to be the one infected with Covid-19 or any viral illness, then you should stay at home to prevent the spread of infection. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough with a tissue. Dispose of used tissue in the garbage or trash can immediately.

Don’t Panic!

While a global hysteria is predictable especially because the Covid-19 threat is all over the news and even in social media, the best way to combat and prevent the spread of coronavirus is to prepare.

So, if you’re a habitual prepper then this would be a routine for you. It’s like preparing for a hurricane, you need to be prepared for the worst so you are ready for anything.

Buy extra food items and staples that you can store or preserve in the fridge but avoid the tendency to hoard. Make sure you have enough food and water supply to last for a couple of weeks.

Also, keep a steady supply of basic and prescription medications because this might run out of supply in cases of an outbreak. You also don’t want to risk going out for a grocery shopping in the midst of a Covid-19 outbreak. There are now opportunities to work from home so you should ask if your company has this option.

Using Masks May Not Be Enough

By intuition, a lot of people would feel protected or safer with a mask on. This is an effort to protect themselves from the Covid-19. Public health officials and even social media may be sending mixed messages regarding the usefulness or effectiveness of using surgical masks or any type of mask for viral protection.

  • Surgical Masks – This is only recommended for those who are already sick as the mask can protect or prevent transmission to another person if in case you sneeze or cough. In effect, wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of the disease if the wearer is already infected. This is also recommended for those who are caring for an infected person at home. This does not completely seal your nose and mouth from taking in small airborne droplets which means wearing surgical masks does not protect you from getting the Covid-19.
  • N95 Respirator – According to Time, CDC does not recommend the use of N95 respirators because this would require proper fitting and is only recommended for healthcare workers or medical practitioners.

Use Hand Sanitizers and Alcohol

If you are traveling or in the workplace and can’t use soap and clean water then you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or disinfectant alcohol. This is effective for ridding your hands of germs or viruses that can cause illnesses. Use hand sanitizers that have at least 60% to 95% alcohol content.

Check on Your Health Insurance Coverage

In the middle of an outbreak or even a family illness, you would feel safer with health insurance coverage. Always check on your current health insurance if it covers medical evacuation and international travel coverage especially with the Covid-19 scare.

However, it is always a must or a requirement to get health insurance coverage for you and your family’s protection in times of medical emergencies.

Seek Early Medical Treatment

With the Covid-19 threat, you should always be proactive with you or a family member getting sick. Seek medical care and treatment right away if you or anyone in the family has fever, fatigue, respiratory difficulty, cough, and colds that signal medical distress.

It is always recommended to call out in advance if there is an illness in the family especially on the brink of a local or community outbreak. Call your local health authority or go straight to your physician to help prevent the spread of infection.

Be Armed with the Facts

Stay informed by following the news and social media. Follow the latest developments with local public health authorities and your healthcare provider. There are tons of fake information or reports out there that have become magnified and have somewhat twisted the truth for the sake of creating hype.

Clearly, a lot of businesses may be trying to take advantage of the Covid-19 outbreak and the scare it’s creating worldwide. In fact, even Amazon has also been taking down listings of products that scream to be the cure or remedy for Covid-19.

A lot of e-commerce giants and the biggest brands are coming together and working for a good cause – to help provide factual information to their followers and getting rid of people who are using the platforms for fake shady propagandas or pure profit.

Not everything on social media is real so you have to follow and go to reputable and legitimate sites or channels like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) when it comes to information on Covid-19 or coronavirus disease.

Zip Logistics Extend Help with a Fact Guide

Zip Logistics is very careful with sharing information and wants to contribute mainly to providing factual guides and tips to help our clients, followers, and staff to protect themselves from the Covid-19.

We have responsibly sourced this blog from legitimate and credible channels or organizations that would help prevent the spread of Covid-19 without adding up to the chaos and scare tactic that bombards social media today.

Covid-19 Threatens Economy – Coronavirus Impact On Shipping

The coronavirus scare has not just brought perils to health but also brought a major worldwide economic slump. The supply chain has been disrupted which also caused a slow and downward curve to businesses globally.

Covid-19 now currently exceeds a death toll that totals a staggering 3,000 worldwide and has affected over 75,000 people across the globe is enough stats to treat this of pandemic state.

What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) is a new coronavirus strain that is said to be much worse or deadlier than flu. It has an incubation period that spans 2 to 14 days which is enough to get someone infected and spread the disease without being aware that they are sick with the virus.

This virus which looks like a halo or crown with its spiked rings belongs to the Coronaviridae family. It’s in the same family tree as MERS and SARS but has already claimed 3,000 lives in just three months.

With the rate it’s going, you could be carrying and transmitting Covid-19 without even the slightest idea that you are a carrier.

Many people who are infected are asymptomatic or may not show symptoms of the disease. With this scenario, an outbreak of pandemic proportions could happen. This unknown and novel coronavirus threat unravels potential further unknowns – which is terrifying indeed.

The United States government has been very quick in response to slow down or completely halt the spread of coronavirus. They are quarantining people who have high risks of exposure to the virus.

Local health authorities and hospitals are in close coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the diagnosis, testing, treatment, and monitoring of patients. Even the military is now actively involved in stopping this global medical emergency from spreading in the country.

Economic Impact – Shipping Industries Slowed Down By Coronavirus Scare

Every single historic event of this humongous proportion can impact world economies instantly. The supply chain has been chaotic for the past three months.

There has been an increased demand for surgical masks, disinfectant alcohol and wipes, hand sanitizers, and the like. However, shipping has been enormously affected by the novel coronavirus.

Reportedly, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, around 7 of the 10 world’s biggest container ports are based in China.

This is together with the mega ports found in South Korea and Singapore. They are now trying to reduce the number of ocean freight or sea vessels to deter or prevent the spread of coronavirus with cargo shipping.

There is a closure or limit set at this point that disrupts the global supply chains. In effect, there will also be a decrease in demand for container shipping through sea freight. This includes basic consumer goods or staples and cars. The lockdown in China seems to have paralyzed the movement of supply and demand.

Yes, it’s not just cargo shipping by the sea that has been affected, air freight and all forms of freight forwarding services have been disrupted. Inbound and outbound operations have been affected. There was a sizeable volume of business closures recently which has affected shipping in general.

Amazon and Other Tech and Ecommerce Giants Collaborate to Combat Covid-19

Many companies involved in freight or shipping, as well as e-commerce or tech giants, have come together to collaborate for a good cause. In times of global crisis, even competitors are able to set aside everything to work together.

One of the e-commerce Tech giants, Amazon, has also convened with the World Health Organization in the effort to stop or take down listings that claim to be a cure or treatment for coronavirus.

According to CNBC, Amazon together with Facebook and Google has discussed plans on combating the spread of the virus outbreak. They all agreed in unison about fact-checking information on their sites to avoid misinformation or fake reports.

Other tech giants that attended were YouTube, Verizon, Twitter, Dropbox. Apple and Uber were invited too but were not able to make it to the meeting.

Amazon and Google, as well as other e-commerce giants, are practically trying to fight off the spread of false reports or fake news online.

There is a content gap happening online or in the virtual marketplace as shady businesses or fly-by-night entrepreneurs capitalize or profit on the coronavirus scare by posting listings on vitamins or ebooks that are said to prevent, solve, or cure the disease in a zap.

Amazon and Facebook are willing to share add space to provide factual information and stop the spread of fake reports online. Even Apple had to close retail stores in China because of the Covid-19 threat.

The Global Trade Is In Doom – Preventive Measures Are Set To Fight Coronavirus Spread

Around 90% of global trade or supply channels have been disrupted by the coronavirus threat. The trade channels which are used to transport primary or basic goods that sustain life such as medicines, food, and fuel are seeing to have a lockdown as well.

Preventive measures have been set by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) with the cooperation of different shipping organizations and ports to help prevent the spread of the disease and also to enable continuity in trade operations. To avoid closure of ports, ICS recommends the following precautionary and preventive measures:

  • ICS recommended the implementation of exit screening in all ports. Passengers who show symptoms of the coronavirus will then be isolated from other people to prevent transmission.
  • A quarantine period for 14 days has been set in place for all vessels coming from or are transiting China. Reports that disclose the health status of the crew members and passengers are to be submitted prior to berthing.

Ships are not able to call on ports just yet. In the same way, inland and air freight are on a freeze and can’t move products or raw materials. Production, as well as the export or movement of goods or commodities, has largely felt a major setback.

Transport restrictions have been put in place due to the coronavirus alert. This has been a major blow to the trading industry as it faces its biggest financial slump so far.

This health or medical pandemic has caused massive and expensive chaos to businesses worldwide. The big players may be able to thrive but the smaller ones may be facing a challenging ordeal with this Covid-19 paralyzing shipping and freight forwarding services altogether.

Are we in doom? Not likely. Businesses have faced many huge downfalls or hurdles in the past years. Economies may have waged wars against each other or with Covid-19. But Zip Logistics, as well as other players in the industry, aren’t shaken a bit.

We do care about your cargo.

This isn’t just a tagline or a catchphrase, Zip Logistics seriously does.

We move your business forward. No Covid-19 can stop that.

Got a package or cargo to ship to Guyana?

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Troubleshooting Guide -Amazon Tracking Shows DELIVERED But NOT RECEIVED

There have been complaints surrounding the non-delivery of Amazon orders that were marked as DELIVERED.

The issue could be anywhere between tracking errors, miscalculations of deliveries in carriers or delivery services and even transacting with fake Amazon sellers.

Dealing with Shady Amazon Sellers

It’s a lingering problem especially if you are dealing with a fake or rogue seller at Amazon. This can be a tricky feat indeed. These sellers or retailers would usually choose popular items or products to sell on Amazon. They would usually list these items as cheaper than what is posted by other retailers on the platform.  

Upon receiving orders, the fake seller would say that the parcel is en route which automatically prompts the release of funds to the account.

The fake seller would provide an estimated delivery date of four weeks in order to technically bypass the two-week payment cycle of Amazon. In this way, the fraudster would be able to get into stealth mode before the buyers complain to Amazon and move to close the account.

How To Avoid Being Targeted by Fake Amazon Sellers

The easiest way to verify whether an Amazon seller is legitimate or fake is to check on their reputation which is reflected in their feedback scores. Just click on the Amazon seller’s name and then you would be directed to the profile page.

Right at the profile page, you can readily check on the seller’s score over the past several months and also their lifetime feedback rating.

Choose Fulfilled by Amazon Products

When shopping with Amazon, it would be wise to choose featured items that are marked as Fulfilled by Amazon. This gives you an extra layer of security in your online purchases because even though the products are sold by third-party retailers, the package would be sent from an Amazon Fulfillment Center. In this way, customers would be able to easily track packages straight from the Amazon accounts. More so, Amazon would also be fully liable for product returns and customer service.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy from third-party retailers which are not marked as Fulfilled by Amazon products, then you are still protected by Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee Protection. Under this, timely delivery and condition of the items purchased are guaranteed provided that you have made a purchase right at the Amazon website or on third-party websites using Amazon Pay.

Customers who would buy from an Amazon seller or directly from the Amazon website would be eligible to receive a maximum of $2,500 plus shipping fees.

If you happen to order items from a third-party retailer with no Fulfilled by Amazon protection then you would not be able to track your parcel real-time using Amazon Echo. A fake seller or scammer could just easily charge your card and inform you that your order has been shipped without anything shipped at all. You are still however covered by the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee.

Steps To Take When Making an A-to-Z Guarantee Claim

Contact the Amazon Seller

Using your Amazon account, contact your seller regarding the issue at hand. Give the seller at least 24 to 48 hours to get back to you. If the seller is unable to respond at the given timeframe or you were completely dissuaded by the response, then you can go ahead with filing a claim.

Fulfill at Least One of the Following Conditions:

  • Item has not been received within 30 days or was not delivered 3 days following the expected delivery date.
  • Package or product was defective, damaged, or different from the ordered item/s.
  • Returned item to Amazon was not issued a refund.
  • You need to return a product or package internationally but Amazon seller could not provide a valid U.S. address or even an international shipping label.
  • Errors or miscalculations in shipping and customs fees which you would have to pay upon delivery.

Amazon Claims Should be Filed Within 90 Days Following the Estimated Delivery Schedule.

To file a claim, go straight to Accounts and Lists > Your Account > Your Orders. Go to the particular order that you would want to file a claim on and then click on File/View Claim. Explain the reasons for making a claim on the first box. Go to the second box, and then choose the Request refund through the A-Z Guarantee option.

Amazon Prime Members Get Additional Perks!

For Amazon Prime members who experienced orders that are marked delivered but never really arrived yet. The process above still applies but you get to bag more extras or perks for the non-delivery of your parcels.

If your item is not delivered within the given timeframe then you would get a free one-month subscription to Amazon Prime which would be on top or added to your current Amazon Prime subscription. Some Amazon Prime members also reportedly received discount vouchers and other freebies.

Non-delivery of Amazon packages has been a nagging issue for a while now. There seems to be a chipped edge somewhere or a loose spot that causes this but should be worth an exhaustive look-over so everything would go smoothly.

Zip Logistics seriously wants to put FUN, RELIABILITY, and CONVENIENCE back into the platform. This is exactly what this guide is for anyway!  

USPS Tracking Shows DELIVERED But NO PACKAGE Was Received

Shopping online has created not just hype but a revolution. It became a new genome of lifestyle for everyone. Who wouldn’t be enticed with the convenience, speed, and fun of shopping online? It’s that irresistible.

If you happen to order at Amazon or eBay, you would know how it works. Upon successful checkout, all you have to do now is to wait for an email notification. But, what if you did get a delivery email and got no package?

You’d think these things happen all the time. Make a Google search right now and you’ll find out how often this issue happens to Amazon orders.  However, there seems to be a logical explanation behind this sudden disappearance of packages.

Allegations on Pressing USPS Issue

According to CBS Atlanta and mentioned on Lifehacker, a former USPS carrier revealed that the supervisors themselves would give specific orders or instructions to falsify delivery times or to scan packages as delivered when they’re not.

The reason behind this is that if USPS incurs late deliveries then they wouldn’t be able to comply with the two-day delivery guarantee which in turn jeopardizes the agreement between USPS and Amazon.

But, reportedly, if USPS declares they have delivered mail and packages on time then this the liability is legitimately transferred to Amazon. So, in effect, if you didn’t get your packages even if it was marked delivered then Amazon would be responsible for it.

Customers would in turn hound Amazon. In this setup, USPS would keep the contract while Amazon delivers customers a gift card, a month of free Amazon Prime, discounts, or any other offer in the effort to make customers feel better about the situation.

USPS has denied all these allegations from the said report. To date, USPS is still the preferred shipper for Amazon and eBay orders or for other quick e-commerce deliveries.

What Should You Do When This Happens to Your Amazon Order?

Well, the first thing that would come to mind when your Amazon package goes missing even after it was marked delivered is that it could be misdelivered or scanned by mistake by USPS.

Even Amazon confirms that there are rare cases wherein the packages would be marked DELIVERED at a duration of 36 to 48 hours pending arrival. Here are some troubleshooting methods you can do to locate your packages:

  • Verify the accuracy of the shipping address. Verify that all details are accurate and have no typo errors whatsoever as the slightest mistake in numbers could mess up a delivery.
  • Check for any attempted deliveries in your location. Check with neighbors to know if anyone else has received your package.
  • Check your mailbox or Amazon locker.
  • Wait for at least 36 to 48 hours. Most packages would be marked as delivered even when it’s pending delivery for a couple of hours.

If 36 to 48 hours have passed and still your package is a no-show, then you can file a complaint directly at Amazon.

Just click on the particular order that’s missing then click on Select an Issue > Where’s My Stuff > Select Issue Details > Tracking shows delivered but item not received.

At this point, you would be able to reach Amazon via live chat, email, or phone.

You can make a quick Google search on the Amazon delivery or USPS delivery problems which would reveal a lot of customer complaints on the same problem. However, if your package or order has not arrived yet for several days and extend to weeks or months, then you can cancel it. Amazon will not charge the credit cards until orders are confirmed.

You can also easily track your packages with USPS Informed Delivery. This would provide you more information on where your package is.

Locating Your USPS Package Locally and Internationally

There are many instances when a USPS package is marked DELIVERED but has not been received yet.  Below are actionable steps you can take depending on your order’s shipping category.

Shipped via USPS First Class or Priority:

  1. USPS delivery vans are equipped with GPS technology that tends to update shipments prematurely or delivered even when it isn’t. All you have to do now when you check for these marked as delivered orders are to wait for another business day because it would most likely arrive the next day.
  2. Get in touch with your local post office. Check with them regarding details on the date of delivery and who delivered the parcel.
  3. If days have passed and your package has not arrived yet then it is recommended to file a claim with your local post office.

Shipped via USPS Priority:

The same process to follow with the only difference that Priority packages or mail is insured by the USPS and they are deemed liable for any stolen or misdelivered packages.

International USPS Delivery

For international USPS parcel, these would usually be marked as delivered as soon as it arrives at the facility and processed in the new tracking system. Lags are normal for international deliveries or discrepancies in tracking depending on couriers.

If your package is marked as DELIVERED and yet you have not received anything yet for more than 48 hours then contact your local post office and contact your local customs office for your delivery.

Freight Forwarder 101 – In A Nutshell

Many people find the term “freight forwarder” or “freight forwarding” ambiguous or daunting. But, if you are a business or an individual that frequently moves cargo or ship goods then you have to befriend the business jargon.

For many businesses, the process of importing and exporting goods is a crucial part of daily operations. It fuels everything in the supply and demand chain.

What Exactly is a Freight Forwarder?

It’s a very wordy concept. You might be making a lot of intelligent guesses like a freight forwarder being an import or export partner, shipping company, or a distribution agency.

Well, these could describe the functions of a freight forwarder but it has an entirely different category.

All the ruthless routine paperwork, processes, and regulations could be very overwhelming and intimidating for an entrepreneur or business person. The good news is that you need not be so entangled with the chaos of logistics.

This is what Zip Logistics is for.  We make it easy and simple for YOU.

A Freight Forwarder is basically a company that provides a full range of services which include handling and storage, preparation of shipping documents, tracking, booking, warehousing, negotiating freight costs, managing or filing of insurance, and freight consolidation; among others.

The freight forwarder does not really move or ship your freight. It basically acts as a middle agent or intermediary between the client or shipper and different transportation services such as for air freight, inland or ground freight, ocean freight; and the like.

A freight forwarder works with a network of established carriers. We form strong partnerships and collaborations with ocean freighters, air freighters, trucking or ground liners. We negotiate on behalf of our clients to get the best prices and choose one that has the best offers in terms of costs, accuracy, security, speed, and reliability.

At Zip Logistics, we handle and cover the burden of logistics for you. We are the logistics expert or partner that simplifies the rigorous shipping process and ease the workload for you.

Why You Need a Freight Forwarder

While it’s not really a requirement to have a freight forwarder on board, it’s absolutely necessary to have one.

Not being biased here but if you do take your business seriously, you should always consider a freight forwarder. 

First off, the importing and exporting process can be very tedious as it has a lot of paperwork or documentation needed plus regulations to follow which differ from one country to another.  You may want to multitask and refuse to delegate this one BUT playing the jack-of-all-trades here could backfire.

Rooting for You!

At Zip Logistics, we are the expert and know it all – from getting competitive pricing to sourcing the fastest route or hooking you up with a reliable freight shipping mode. We have it figured out from top to bottom.

We go through the entire legwork or process so you don’t have to move a needle. We coordinate domestic and international shipping of goods or products using different modes or carriers that suit your shipping or cargo needs. We provide you the most reliable, speedy, and economical route available.

We take the migraine and the pressure off your back so you can focus on running your empire – while we take care of the dirty work. Why do it alone when you can leverage a logistics partner that will move your business forward.

We have that success blueprint ready for you here at Zip Logistics.

Ready to partner up with Zip Logistics?

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Air Freight Advantages – Ship It With Zip Logistics!

Moving cargo or products from one point to another has always been a challenge especially decades ago. However, the evolution of transportation has made it possible to ship goods or items locally and internationally.

Airfreight has always been a deluxe offer by Zip Logistics. You shouldn’t miss out on this “Zip Speed” edge!

Top Air Freight Advantages You Should Know


Speed is said to be the top most important factor that consumers would look for in a freight forwarder. The kicker is that speed is our expertise. Speedy delivery or shipping is an influential factor for clients when trying to figure out which carrier they should go for.

 It’s like boosting user experience with fast loading speed of websites which pretty much works the same way with moving products from point A to point B for both commercial and personal purposes.

This is particularly a crucial factor for air freight. This is Zip Logistics’ fastest solution to move your cargo in the quickest time possible.


This has the most vantage point when pegged with inland freight or sea freight because it can pick up and drop off virtually anywhere or at any destination of your choice.

Even remote locations can be reached and serviced by air freight on a frequent basis which is why most people prefer to move items in this route.

Accuracy and Reliability

This definitely goes hand in hand with almost anything – even with freight forwarding. Airfreight is dubbed to have the most accurate and reliable shipping arrival rates.

Yes, you can predictably guarantee the arrival and departure times. In fact, you can even guarantee same-day delivery or next day delivery with this method which you can’t expect 100% of the time with other shipping modes.

Real-Time Tracking

Zip Logistics allows you to be on top of your cargo deliveries with an online or web tracking service to check on your cargo status and location at any given point. This allows you to track your cargo from shipping to destination point or arrival.

Reduced Risks of Damage, Spoilage, or Lost Cargo

For time-sensitive cargo, air freight is your go-to option. Insurance costs for air freight are much lower compared to sea freight considering the short lead times or quick deliveries.

If you intend to ship perishable goods or even valuable items like jewelry or antique goods then this is the best option available. The fast transit times lower the risk of damage or theft.

Heightened Security

While this can be a hassle for some, air freight’s tight security is what makes this the best choice for commercial and personal shippers. The strict monitoring and security provide clients peace of mind that their cargoes are in good hands and will be shipped in mint condition.

Lower Packaging Costs

Cargo shipped via air freight would most likely be in lightweight packaging and would not need additional containers or packing materials.

Nothing Comes Close to Zip Logistics

The decision to ship via Zip Logistics air freight is entirely up to you. When it comes to efficiency and reliability, nothing really comes to close to what we have to offer our clients.

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shipping luggage to Guyana

Traveling Light – Should You Ship Your Luggage To Guyana?

Whether you’re off somewhere for business or vacation, the challenge with traveling remains – your luggage may be a bit too much and spoil your trip. This is one of the primary reasons why people now choose to ship their luggage early or ahead of the scheduled trip.

One of the perks of shipping your luggage is that you get to travel light and avoid long check-in lines at the airport. You’ll arrive with your luggage with your bags or luggage waiting for you at the hotel or at any point of destination.

Advantages of Shipping Your Luggage to Guyana

Get to Travel Light

This is an obvious advantage of shipping your luggage ahead of the trip. Surely, the convenience of packing and traveling light when checking into your flight will allow you to free up your time and load.

In this way, you get to focus on tasks at hand with a business trip or a blissful getaway rather than counting bags or staying in long lines for routine check-ins.

Avoid the Long-Winding Airport Check-In Lines

When you choose to ship your luggage, you totally cut away the hassle of having to wait in line for check-ins in the airport which can get really crowded especially during the holidays.

Rid Off the Rising Costs of Checking In Luggage

The fees can get ridiculously high with checked luggage in international and domestic airlines. Most U.S. airlines now charge extra fees for multiple, heavy, or oversized bags.

It would be wise to check and compare rates so you would know which option can give you the best deals.

Prevent Risk of Lost, Damaged, or Delayed Bags in Airports

Recent reports from the U.S. Department of Transportation revealed a whopping statistics of 1.8 million luggage that have been lost, damaged, or delayed in 2018.

As passengers would always be very eager to leave the airport or are rushing to get to their destination on time, they would often miss details and not pay attention to the cases that they’re claiming. The mix-ups in bags or cases can lead to lost baggage or delays of luggage which wastes everyone’s time.

Avoid Wasting Time in Picking Up Luggage at the Baggage Claim Area

The struggle of having to pick up your suitcases as other passengers reach for their own bags can be very stressful and tiring.

The strain of having to carry or move heavy luggage around can be painstaking which can lead to muscle tears or back pain. There are times that you can pick up the wrong luggage or someone else grabbing yours.

The Edge of Shipping Your Luggage with Zip Logistics

When you choose to ship your luggage to Guyana with Zip Logistics, you get total peace of mind because we ship right at your location.

You gain maximum convenience when you get to lighten your load when traveling. You also get to track your luggage in real-time which makes it relatively secure and hassle-free for busy nomads.

Also, if you’re sending gifts internationally or at any point in the country then you’ll be more confident that the perfect wrapping won’t be ruined or damaged while in transit.

It may be worth to pay a few extra bucks is you get extra reliability and convenience with shipping luggage. If you hate waiting or getting your bags mauled in airlines, then this is the best way to go.

With shipping luggage to Guyana, you get to bypass the long and rowdy check-in lines and also customize shipping according to your travel plans and budget.

Zip Logistics provides very personalized and flexible services to clients that fit your travel schedule or itinerary seamlessly.

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Shipping Vehicles To Guyana Via Container Shipping

If you are looking to ship your car in another state or internationally, Zip Logistics got you covered. We simplify the process as always so it won’t be as technically daunting as it is.

The vehicles are delivered personally or we coordinate delivery with a transport service. Basically, all vehicles should be in the warehouse prior to departure.

Container shipping or enclosed transport is definitely worth a red cent as it gives more value for your money.

Most people who opt for container shipping vehicles to Guyana have smaller or regular-sized vehicles such as a motorcycle, car, or truck which can fit into a standard 20-foot or 40-foot high cube container.

This would either be for a sole or single-use or a consolidated container wherein your vehicle would share space with other vehicles that are bound to the same destination.

Yes, consolidated container shipping is way cheaper than going solo because you get to share the costs of port charges, ocean freight, and customs clearance with other people.

The only downside is that the container would need to be full before it is set to sail so it could take up some time.

So, if you are in a hurry or would need to transport your vehicle right away then your only option would be to book a 20-foot or 40-foot container. 

Consolidation/Solo Container Shipping Process

  • Vehicles are received in the warehouse for detailed inspection. Photographs are also taken for record and reference purposes.
  • Vehicles are kept in the warehouse until it’s ready to ship.
  • We have full control of the actual loading and overall handling of vehicles.
  • Containers are secured and sealed when delivered to the port for loading.
  • At the loading facility, the vehicles are carefully positioned before chocked with ratchet straps so that your vehicles remain in place and won’t move in the entire shipping duration.

Container units are one of the classic yet efficient and secure ways to ship or transport vehicles.

These containers are able to protect your vehicles and prevent theft or damage while being shipped out so it will make it to its destination in mint condition.

Zip Logistics provides you a secure, reliable, and cost-efficient container shipping service for your vehicles at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

We provide flexible container shipping of vehicles to Guyana especially if you have more than one vehicle bound for shipping.

Basically, a standard 20-foot container would be able to store one vehicle while a 40-foot container can fit two vehicles of average sizes.

Our shipping containers have all passed safety regulations and requirements for loading and transporting vehicles.

Containers are all watertight, secure, and have top-notch structural integrity so you can be confident that your vehicles will be protected from theft or harmful elements that can pose any damage to your car.

What We Generally Cover For Container Shipping

  • Luxury Sport Cars
  • Antique Cars
  • Any Regular Car
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks

We are not in a habit of selling snow to Eskimos, so we deliver exactly and even exceed client expectations. This is expected to trump competition because we always add extra value to our services.

Advantages of Container Shipping Vehicles

High Insurance Coverage

Vehicles for closed container shipping are insured for 1 million dollars while vehicles that are transported in open-air carriers are insured for only $100,000.

Full Protection

As vehicles are in an enclosed container, your vehicles have complete protection against extreme weather conditions or even from mishandling or theft.

We ensure that all vehicles are rendered safe upon loading onto containers and are not taken out until it is unloaded to its destination port.

Additional Layer of Security

We keep your vehicle hidden or on stealth mode. This is specifically designed for luxury cars as even the smallest parts can be a hot item and are extremely pricey in the black market.

We have the system in place to keep your vehicles out of sight and practically out of danger.

Climate-Controlled Containers

Our shipping containers won’t pose threats of damage to your vehicles especially for the luxury and antique ones that are very delicate or fragile because our units are all climate-controlled.

This shields your vehicles from extreme environmental or weather conditions.

Available and Accessible for Shipping in All Countries

If you intend to ship your vehicles internationally or overseas, then container shipping is one of the best ways to do it. This is widely available in all countries; even in less developed ones.

We know that your vehicles aren’t just investment pieces but are personally connected with you. We know how your cars or motorcycles are extremely valuable that is why Zip Logistics treats them all as luxury pieces.

Container shipping is definitely the best available option for your vehicles. We have a fully certified and trained staff to move your vehicles in the safest way possible.

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How To Move Your Personal Or Household Belongings By Freight Shipping

Are you moving to another country or location? Relocating can be a tasking feat even for a skilled multitasking individual.

Fortunately, Zip Logistics can help you plan, get organized, and move your personal or household items and effects to a new location in the United States or internationally.

Sea Freight

This is by far the most commonly used route for transporting personal or household goods to a new location.

It’s multimodal or would use a ground freight or trucker to pick up and then transport cargo straight to the port. This is basically a door-to-port service with customs clearance documents filled out and duly submitted.

For sea freight, you would be provided two options:

Full Container Load (FCL)

A Full Container Load or Full Trailer Load (FTL) is a type of ocean or sea freight service that costs cheaper in comparison to Less than Container Load (LCL).

This is equivalent to a shipment of one person. So the shipper exclusively uses up or occupies the entire capacity of the container without sharing it with anyone else.

As you get exclusive use of the entire container, FCL is deemed more appropriate especially for expensive and highly fragile goods for both export and import.

This also has a faster transport or transit time because there wouldn’t be any need for deconsolidation or consolidation of items which is necessary for LCL.

FCL is recommended for the following:

·         To protect or secure your cargo. Not sharing the container with other shippers would help safeguard your goods and lower risks of damage.

·         To ship goods or belongings that accumulates to more than 10 standard pallets. You get better and way cheaper rates if you ship via FCL than LCL.

  • To fast-track shipment processes. FCL shipments have considerably shorter transit times because it doesn’t have to go through a lot of hubs or processes, unlike LCL shipments.

For shipping motor vehicles via FCL, this would be consolidated with other motor vehicles like cars, heavy equipment, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and the like in multimodal sea freight containers. This also requires registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Less than Container Load (LCL)

If you plan to ship small quantities or volume of cargo then it would be better to use LCL.

With this option, you share the container with other shippers and also get to split the fees. It’s basically a consolidated sea freight service for both personal and commercial cargo.

All household items or personal effects must be properly labeled, boxed, and packed upon arrival into the warehouse for easy consolidation. The costs would be based on every 35 cubic feet or one cubic meter.

As your cargo would be mixed or placed together with other LCL shipments, it is recommended to palletize loose boxes for added security. You will be required to present a packing list for shipment of household goods or personal effects.

Air Freight

Compared to sea freight, shipping household belongings via air freight is more expensive. This explains why this is a less common choice when it comes to shipping personal or household belongings (which are not up for sale).

More so, there is a limitation set of the volume or weight of personal goods that can be shipped via this route as of course, a plane isn’t as roomy compared to a shipping container.

On the flip side, air freight has its perks as well. While it may have an expensive price tag and some limits on space, the convenience and speed factors really make this a viable option especially for those who urgently need to ship household items or move to another location following a very tight schedule.

Yes, air freight is the fastest way to move personal cargo overseas or in the United States.

When shipping personal or household goods, the volume of cargo that needs to be transported is crucial to choosing what type of freight shipping suits your needs.

With Zip Logistics, you can count on a highly reliable, certified, and reputable freight forwarder that is also an Accredited International Mover.

With that being said, we can help you with your relocation needs locally and also in moving household or personal belongings internationally.