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The Value Of Excellent Customer Service in Freight Forwarders – What Clients Look For

If you run a service-oriented company, then customer service certainly highlights your day-to-day operations.

As a freight forwarder, customer service is not just basic but a key element to attracting potential customers and retaining a loyal and engaged audience.

At Zip Logistics, we take customer service at heart. It’s not just about responsiveness to your queries but understanding and knowing exactly how we can serve your needs the best way possible.

Our customer service representatives are available at certain business hours to ensure that your queries are addressed immediately even with the pressing COVID-19 situation.

Customer Service in the Front Lines of the Business

It’s this time of uncertainty that we feel we are more able to help people and businesses thrive, move packages, and discover the opportunities amid the economic and health crisis happening globally.

Yes, it’s scary but we can’t and won’t allow it to paralyze our services. This is how we battle COVID-19 head-on.

Logistics is truly an important component that supports global businesses and supply chains. Communication is very crucial at this point in the form of customer service to ensure smooth logistic operations.

Responsiveness and Quick Communications

People trust companies because of how efficiently and quickly they are able to communicate and address certain issues or inquiries on services.

You can’t afford to trust someone that can’t communicate with you when you need it the most. It’s a very deep-rooted gut feel that puts trust and communication aligned and pushes the sales process to the next level.

For instance, updating clients regarding the status of delivery or logistics would speak volumes of how precise your process is and how transparency is valued from beginning to end.

Letting customers know of certain delays is a plus point because it allows your clients to make adjustments in their schedules. It’s good business ethics or practice to be fully invested in informing your clients of shipping status.

Speed is an Edge

We can’t be complacent. When we speak of speed, this does not just point to how quickly the packages or goods are delivered but also on your rate of responsiveness to customer inquiries or complaints.

Being available and reachable at certain hours to provide the information they need will allow your customers to trust the process.

Consistency is Key

This adage is certainly popular because it’s a fact that consistency is about “showing up” in a timely or predictable manner.

If your customers feel gaps along the way or holes in your services then this could signal a red flag for them. Being consistent is also a matter of establishing reliability and trust in your business relationship.


This is a gem in the industry. Not every freight forwarder carries the flag or honesty or integrity. You need to be able to communicate all information necessary and be transparent with the process and operations.

You have to set expectations and be able to meet all points. Accuracy and consistency in relaying information and processing of data with confidentiality in place increase your trust score with clients.

Continuous Learning and Training for Your Staff

Manpower is still a company’s greatest resource – nothing beats a dedicated worker. Having a reliable and trustworthy staff is an asset to a company.

You can buy skills on any given day but an employees’ integrity and dedication or love for the company and his or her job is simply priceless. I bet you can’t buy that from any store.

Training your staff to enhance competitiveness and skills at different levels will help you deliver top-notch services plus also improve how you handle customer queries and complaints.

In this time wherein technology drives every curve, your employees should be able to keep up to the shifts and changes in processes or solutions.

This will help you deliver top-tiered services to your clients. Having specialists or trainers in certain technologies or skill sets will help you improve productivity at all levels.

Manage Customer Touchpoints

Increasing touchpoints with your customers is a great way to enhance and grow customer confidence in your company. However, too many touchpoints could be overwhelming and even disappointing.

You need to be able to control the emails that you sent to customers. They won’t have to read your internal communications or having different emails from a number of customer service representations.

Having a streamlined email messaging system for both internal and external communications helps keep emails or communications with your customers clutter-free. Having an automatic routing of messages help to keep your communications organized and relevant at all times.

Use Multiple Communication Channels

Customers would feel more confident in your transactions if you are accessible or reachable on multiple communication channels.

You can have a business SMS service installed for sending timely updates and also make use of social media communications on Facebook and Twitter.

Having a live chat on your site apart from the email and phone numbers would allow your customers to reach you at the best channel possible.

Make Your Customer Service Amazing!

The freight forwarding industry is a very vague or technical landscape. A lot of customers feel like they are in the dark when it comes to the process that happens when it comes to shipping goods from one location to the next.

Your customer service is the most palpable and visible aspect of your business – make that extra special, personal, and memorable. At this point, information relay and transparency are very important to fully provide a personalized form of customer service.

Focus on the Delivery

You can’t just focus on customer service and fail miserably with shipping or delivery. Ensuring that delivery becomes as pain-free and speedy as possible is the best way to cement your company’s reputation to your customers.

The final stretch is really important because it showcases your company’s competency and performance levels. It’s walking the talk.

Personalize Your Approach

Having a real person to provide you feedback gives customers that peace of mind and confidence in the shipping process. It’s an AI world but communication to a real person is still unmatched.

Your process need not be perfect but it has to be transparent and honest. You have to provide feedback and report updates in a timely manner.  

Retaining clients is just one part of the deal. Providing your customers high and reliable levels of communication is what seals any transaction.

Problems in freight logistics are inevitable and customers don’t want people who fake it. Honesty and transparency are the keys to gaining the confidence and trust of clients.

Customer Service is All About Providing VALUE

It’s the customer service representatives that are on the frontlines of the business. It is what puts a human face into a brand name.

Customers would want to feel they are valued and their issues are heard. Providing them the right information and responding to their queries the quickest possible time gives you that edge in the logistics game.

Organizations are a far cry from being perfect but an amazing customer service team that delivers personalized and reliable communications will keep you ahead of the freight forwarding industry on any given day.

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Freight Forwarding For Your Business – Should You Go Digital?

Getting started with any business will normally give you the cold feet. It’s like breaking barriers or disrupting new systems, you would want to get it right and make a mark.

With any business, there are so many things that you would need to manage such as capital, inventory or stocks, investors, sales, retailers, shipping, and transportation. 

When it comes to freight or shipping, you would normally encounter having to pick one between freight forwarders and shipping lines.

Shipping vs. Freight Forwarding

Shipping lines mainly manage the handling and transportation of cargo on their ships from the point of origin to the point of destination.

Now, with a freight forwarder, it practically provides a multi-tiered range of services that vary from storage, warehousing, freight consolidation, tracking, cargo space booking, freight charges, cargo insurance, as well as export and shipping documentation.

So, which one provides you more add-on value for your money? 

Comparing the two, shipping lines just focuses on transportation while freight forwarders are able to take a tab and handle different cargo or shipping processes and concerns you might have.

It’s like an all-in-one-package for your cargo or shipping needs.

The Need for Upgrade – Staying Ahead of the Pack

Freight forwarding needs to upgrade and keep up with the fast pace of today’s modern processes. Systems and technologies easily get outdated. 

It would just take a few minutes for upgrades or advancements to happen. It’s an ever-expansive economy and you have to keep up with it – or eat dust.

Going into a digital upgrade is a must as many systems have been evolving rapidly. Every millisecond counts. 

It’s relatively easier and quicker to run your business when you can depend on a fully digitized freight forwarding company that has advanced systems to keep you ahead of the industry.

 Zip Logistics has the technology and the process to get you from zero to hero in your business. We move businesses forward – literally and figuratively. 

We don’t cut any corners with our services. For what it’s worth, we hate to be mediocre. We always aim to provide add-on value or to exceed client expectations.

Why Go Digital?

Although freight forwarding is complex, we simplify the process for our clients. We handle varied modes of freight – sea, ground, and air – so you get easy access to everything you need.

Check out the advantages of getting digital with Zip Logistics freight forwarding for your business.

Real-Time Tracking

Zip Logistics ensures that you are able to track your shipments in real-time.

We provide a seamless and integrated system that allows you to be in the loop of where your shipments are and also allow you to address any shipping problems right away.

Digitized Accounting System

Having an advanced accounting system is a plus factor for any business. In this way, you are able to keep track of pricing and financial trends.

More so, you also come up with precise and accurate predictions in line with sales and also for planning on future financial strategies.

Personalized Services

The beauty of having a digitized freight forwarding system is that you are given the freedom to customize. Businesses would vary in terms of processes.

With us, you get personalized and streamlined products and services that integrate with your unique business needs and challenges in terms of freight or shipping.

Innovative Cloud Solutions

The integration of innovative data storage or cloud technology has made freight forwarding a breeze.

It’s a cost-efficient way to store data and conduct operations because you reduce IT support and get an automated system running on clockwork.

Get Digitized with Zip Logistics!

There’s very little to zero downtime and minimal costs with a digital freight forwarding solution such as Zip Logistics.

We have designed a freight forwarding system that is so advanced that it has made us very confident that we can deliver claims and promises on point – or even over-deliver!

Zip Logistics has made a huge leap into creating a digitized freight forwarding process that allows you to keep up even with the major players of the industry and to bring a much better business process and services for your clients.

This is what going digital means for you. We help keep the profit rolling for your business. We help keep things fluid, seamless, and tangible. You will feel and experience what success means from day one.

We walk the talk! We are not an “all talk and no cider” type of business. There is no other way but UP with us on board. We deliver to our promise and commitment to clients – ALWAYS. This is Zip Logistics’ brand of reputation. 

How To Choose The Right Miami Freight Forwarder For You

If your business relies on importing and exporting to any sort of degree, you are going to need a freight forwarder you can trust. Obviously, you want a company that will get things from point A to point B in the most straightforward fashion possible. This much is true. At the same time, there are several other elements you will want to keep in mind. Certainly, as you shop around for the best Miami freight forwarder, you want to trust your needs to a well-known company with a powerhouse reputation. Anything less than that, quite frankly, is a waste of your time.

If you’re looking for the top Mimi freight forwarders, we can help.

Which Miami Freight Forwarder Is The Best?

This is obviously a question you’ll need to answer in your own unique way. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, what you are essentially looking for is a logistics partner. Here are a few considerations to ensure you will find exactly what you are looking for:

  • Make sure the freight forwarder can handle your needs! The more options your agent offers to any given carrier, the more likely it is that the company will be able to handle your needs. The last thing you want to do is find yourself stuck with importing/exporting demands that can’t be met.
  • Look for the best possible network: What you really want is an agent whose experience amounts to a consistent, reliable network. This is a network that should cover major ports of interest all over the world.
  • Good financial condition: You definitely want to make sure you are working a Miami freight forwarder that plans to be solvent for the foreseeable future. You don’t want to have your freight stuck at a port, all because the freight company couldn’t pay their ocean carrier. Believe it or not, but this can happen!
  • Demand the best communication: It stands to reason that any importing or exporting endeavors on your part are a crucial element to whether or not your business fails or succeeds. You want a company that will keep you in constant communication. They will make sure you understand what is going on at any given time.

Customizable services, strong customer service, and their degree of experience are just a few of the things you need to keep in mind. At the end of the day, you can easily find a Miami Freighter to give you the results you desire.

4 Tips for Choosing The Right International Freight Forwarder For Your Business

If you want to hire an international freight forwarder for the purpose of organizing your shipments, you should opt for a company which has four important customer service elements in place. To help you find the right freight forwarder, we’ve compiled a practical list of four things to look for while you are shopping around online.

A good company of this type will offer practical services. It will procure products from manufacturers and then ship them to marketplaces or end-users

Once you’ve perused our helpful list, you’ll be primed to find the sort of freight forwarder which really delivers. This type of company may also be known as a forwarding agent.

Look for a Strong Presence At Your Location

You will need prompt and professional service that doesn’t quit. This is why it makes sense to find out if a provider company offers a network of forwarding agents at your location and/or destination. Agents at your location will be standing by in order to provide you with guidance, support and services. It will easy to get in touch and to schedule face-to-face meetings if they are needed.

Also, a presence at your destination is really important! For example, if you’re planning to have shipments sent overseas, knowing that overseas agents are in place will give you greater peace of mind, as these agents will be able to deal with a host of problems, from labor disruptions at ports to customs snafus and beyond.

Search for Fast Freight Forwarding Services

You will also want to ensure that your shipments reach their destinations exactly when you want them to. This is why you’ll need to make certain that a provider company has the infrastructure and professionalism to ship items quickly, according to your preferred timeline…or even faster! Some companies have the right systems in place and others may drop the ball in this important area.

Establishing the dependability of a freight forwarder will be easier when you take the time to read customer reviews online. Seeing what actual clients have to say is often very illuminating, so we do recommend this sort of due diligence while you’re performing comparison-shopping.

Look for Flexible and Personalized Services

You have specific needs and this means that you must find a freight forwarding company whose representatives are willing to personalize services with a mind to meeting your precise requirements. Some companies don’t offer the same flexibility as others. In general, bigger companies will offer a lower degree of flexibility, but have better infrastructure. Smaller companies may be more willing to alter things according to your preferences. However, these smaller firms may not have as many resources when it comes to moving cargo rapidly.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about. Weigh the pros and cons and then find a company which offers just the right blend of flexibility and efficiency.

Seek Out Superlative Customer Service

Customer service is something that always matters. A company may have everything that you need, while lacking the customer service policies that you want. It’s best to vet providers thoroughly in order to find those which have strong and positive customer service reputations. One strategy is to check out the rankings of prospective providers via the Better Business Bureau website or via another consumer watchdog organization. The testimonials posted at freight forwarding websites are typically marketing materials, so it’s important to move outside of these official websites and look for other feedback which relates to customer service.

You should be looking for feedback which underscores a provider’s commitment to responsiveness. You’ll want quick answers if there are problems and a company which isn’t responsive will slow things down. If a lot of customers like dealing with a company, you probably will, too. It’s really that simple.

Look for the Right Provider Today

Now that you know the basics, you’ll be ready to comparison-shop the smart way. There are great companies out there, as well as a few bad apples. Selecting the right company will be easier now that you know 4 tips for choosing the right international freight forwarder for your business.