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COVID-19 Pandemic – The Answers You Need Right Here And Now!

This new coronavirus or more notoriously dubbed as COVID-19 has been the talk of the town – or the world for a few months now. It’s not easy talking about something that has been compared to the angel of death.

This virus seems to have just popped right out of nowhere and caused oblivion to many. This novel coronavirus was unknown to science and humans until it erupted in Wuhan, China a few months ago – and the rest was history.

COVID-19 – More Than a Chinese Coronavirus; Now a Global Pandemic

The “Chinese coronavirus”, as President Trump would call it, originated from China but is becoming a worldwide or global pandemic that assails every nation. Scientists and researchers worldwide are rushing to know everything they can about this pathogen in the effort to create a vaccine that can help nations break free from this disease.

Scientists are also learning that some patients are asymptomatic and may pass on the virus unknowingly to other people. Social distancing now has become a norm for nations with community outbreaks.

This air of uncertainty could either move people to take more precautions or just shrug it off thinking that it may just be ticking social media bomb and blown out of proportions. But, do not settle in your comfort zone. Be extra cautious now more than ever.

This virus has many uncertainties or unknowns – which makes it lethal to those who would take it easy. You should be extra vigilant now rather than be sorry in the end. Here are some questions and the answers you need to know to cover all bases with the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Does COVID-19 Spread?

There are multiple ways that this novel coronavirus spread from one person to another. It is said that the COVID-19 air droplets can linger and survive in the air for several hours or up to three hours.

This is said to stick longer on cardboard or for over 24 hours and around 2 to 3 days in steel and plastic surfaces. With that in mind, you would have to be careful when you go out in public places and touching door handles, tables, and other surfaces.

A single air droplet of COVID-19 is said to have tends to thousands of viruses which would also depend on the stage of infection the carrier has. You can inactivate the coronaviruses in a minute by using at least 70% alcohol or a hydrogen peroxide bleach. High-temperature levels can also kill coronaviruses quickly.

The virus can spread in the following routes – fecal, droplets or on surfaces, and airborne. There may be other routes which would need further studies. Further research is needed right here.

It is now important to enforce strict sanitation procedures such as the washing of hands for at least 20 seconds and also sanitize frequently touched objects and surfaces. Using 70% to 90% alcohol is recommended as an additional layer of protection for you and your family.

Is COVID-19 Reinfection Possible?

After recovering from COVID-19, patients would either have immunity to the disease or could still test positive for this coronavirus strain. It’s too early now to determine whether reinfection is possible.

A study on Macaque monkeys though was encouraging because after the monkeys got better from COVID-19, and then exposed again to the virus, the monkeys are found to have a strong immune response and were not reinfected. This is good news because it means the viral proteins of this strain do elicit a good immune response. Human trials are up next but it will take some time.

Researchers should wait for several months after infection to test if patients have become immune to COVID-19. The common cold virus, which is in the same family tree or genome as that of COVID-19, shows that reinfection is said to be possible in a few years and not in weeks or months.

At the moment, there is no data that shows reinfection can happen with patients who have recovered from COVID-19.

Is COVID-19 Deadly?

Is COVID-19 really that fatal? Many nations would want to know. The death rate for each country would change. In fact, Wuhan, China, where COVID-19 began are now getting better with treating or detecting the disease at an early stage that they were able to control or manage fatalities. Right now, Italy has the most death toll in the world.

It seems that the estimated death rate varies depending on different variables like the levels of risk for each country, healthcare system preparedness, testing facilities, and the like.  

Knowing the people who are at most risk for contracting the coronavirus us also crucial to determining the COVID-19 death rate.  Groups who are most prone to having severe COVID-19 symptoms are the elderly, those who have compromised immune systems, and people suffering from chronic ailments.

While it appears that COVID-19 attacks the elderly or older people, it also afflicts children but thankfully only shows mild symptoms. However, influenza is most easily spread by children so it is advised for children to be kept at home or away from any risk of infection.

Hospitalization is also observed in groups of ages between 22 to 44 years old. Men are also said to be more prone to getting COVID-19 compared to women, but of course, it’s very early to conclude when it comes to gender-specific risks.

More so, the frontliners or the doctors, nurses, and other medical or hospital staff that work closely or are directly in contact with the COVID-19 patients are found to be more seriously affected by the virus. This could be linked to the increased exposure to the COVID-19 and also the physical, mental, and psychological strain it places on the healthcare workforce.

Could this COVID-19 Pandemic Be Endemic?

Every single one of us wants COVID-19 to end right now. It’s every nation’s prayer. If and when COVID-19 would end or if it could be endemic is a possibility especially with the number of viral infections that linger today such as the seasonal flu. There are many unknowns at the moment which could determine whether COVID-19 could be endemic.

Will there be an anti-viral drug and vaccine to cure COVID-19? Are these vaccines and treatment modalities safe and effective? Will we need to enforce extension or expansion of quarantine or social distancing measures to control or prevent the spread of COVID-19?

There is very little that people know about the disease. Scientists and medical researchers are doubling their efforts and collaborating to race against time. They need to find the cure and the vaccine for COVID-19 at the fastest rate possible to beat the disease from further disrupting and crippling societies and economies.

Exhausting every information or data available will help arm the healthcare system with the knowledge to create precise and accurate measures to help combat the disease. In just a short period of time, people have learned a lot from COVID-19 which is currently helping medical teams across the world to fight its further spread.

Right now, every nation is called to be more proactive and to not take things lightly when it comes to this coronavirus. The numerous extended lockdowns in different countries across the globe will speak volumes of how pandemic this is and how it has leveled the playing field for everyone.

Yes, every individual or country is vulnerable to COVID-19 but together, we can beat this!

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Fact Guide – How To Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19 or Coronavirus Disease

The thought of Covid-19 and how it can disrupt your life in an instant can eat you up emotionally, mentally, and physically. The coronavirus scare has been spreading like wildfire and disrupting routines and lives.

What started in Wuhan, China has now traversed to different parts of the globe. True enough, coronavirus knows no boundaries or limits.

The Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus is often tagged as “novel” simply because it’s a new strain in the family of coronaviruses. This is closely linked to that of SARS and MERS but spreads more like the common flu.

Is it deadly? Well, it’s contagious but not nearly as deadly compared to SARS. Basically, what fuels the horror is that there is very little that people know about this novel strain. Lack of information and even misinformation can cause panic.

Facts on Covid-19 – What We Know So Far

What do we know so far about the coronavirus disease?

Medical experts know for a fact that this would usually spread in the form of droplets. Yes, it’s contagious like the common flu but far from the deadly wrath of SARS and MERS.

Common Symptoms

  • Low-grade fever
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Colds
  • Cough

Comparison of MERS, SARS, Common Flu, and Covid-19

To date, the death rate of those infected with Covid-19 in China is at 2% and is said to affect the seniors or elderly (people in their 70s) the most. This is in comparison to the death rate of MERS which is 34% and SARS at 10%.  It appears that Covid-19 is mild and less deadly compared to other coronaviruses that affected the world in previous years.

Do you know that in the United States, even the common flu causes around 12,000 to 61,000 deaths yearly since 2010? Yes, this CDC report reveals that the common flu could be more dangerous than the coronavirus disease that is now setting the globe in a panic state. It’s in extremes at the moment. Countries are having travel bans and economies seem to experience glitches and slips in profit.

Smokers and also those who have underlying medical or respiratory problems are also most susceptible to getting the Covid-19. The elderly and young children are most prone too.

Awaiting Vaccine for Coronavirus Disease

For the common flu, a flu shot or vaccine can easily prevent its spread. However, there is no vaccine yet for coronavirus disease as it’s a new kid on the block in the coronaviruses family.

While there are vaccines currently in development it would still be a long process of undergoing further tests or examinations before it is approved and released in the public.

The best way to protect you and your family from the common flu is to get a flu shot. However, there are other ways to prevent flu or transmission. What works for the common flu also works for the coronavirus disease.

Frequent Washing of Hands

Ditch the surgical mask but never forget to wash your hands vigorously. If you are aware of the 20-second rule in washing your hands, well that actually works. In fact, medical experts recommend following that count each and every single time you wash your hands.

According to the CDC, regular handwashing with soap and clean water is very important to ward off sickness in the family. Good hygiene at home or in the workplace should be strictly followed to avoid spread of any viral illness such as that of Covid-19.

Do take note that any kind of virus is usually transmitted through air droplets. So, if you happen to have an infected person near you in a public place or even at home who sneezes or coughs then you can catch the virus that way.

The virus can also be on table surfaces or in elevator buttons and doorknobs. So, if you happen to touch these surfaces and then touch your nose, eyes, or mouth then you are at high risk of becoming infected.

If you happen to be the one infected with Covid-19 or any viral illness, then you should stay at home to prevent the spread of infection. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough with a tissue. Dispose of used tissue in the garbage or trash can immediately.

Don’t Panic!

While a global hysteria is predictable especially because the Covid-19 threat is all over the news and even in social media, the best way to combat and prevent the spread of coronavirus is to prepare.

So, if you’re a habitual prepper then this would be a routine for you. It’s like preparing for a hurricane, you need to be prepared for the worst so you are ready for anything.

Buy extra food items and staples that you can store or preserve in the fridge but avoid the tendency to hoard. Make sure you have enough food and water supply to last for a couple of weeks.

Also, keep a steady supply of basic and prescription medications because this might run out of supply in cases of an outbreak. You also don’t want to risk going out for a grocery shopping in the midst of a Covid-19 outbreak. There are now opportunities to work from home so you should ask if your company has this option.

Using Masks May Not Be Enough

By intuition, a lot of people would feel protected or safer with a mask on. This is an effort to protect themselves from the Covid-19. Public health officials and even social media may be sending mixed messages regarding the usefulness or effectiveness of using surgical masks or any type of mask for viral protection.

  • Surgical Masks – This is only recommended for those who are already sick as the mask can protect or prevent transmission to another person if in case you sneeze or cough. In effect, wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of the disease if the wearer is already infected. This is also recommended for those who are caring for an infected person at home. This does not completely seal your nose and mouth from taking in small airborne droplets which means wearing surgical masks does not protect you from getting the Covid-19.
  • N95 Respirator – According to Time, CDC does not recommend the use of N95 respirators because this would require proper fitting and is only recommended for healthcare workers or medical practitioners.

Use Hand Sanitizers and Alcohol

If you are traveling or in the workplace and can’t use soap and clean water then you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or disinfectant alcohol. This is effective for ridding your hands of germs or viruses that can cause illnesses. Use hand sanitizers that have at least 60% to 95% alcohol content.

Check on Your Health Insurance Coverage

In the middle of an outbreak or even a family illness, you would feel safer with health insurance coverage. Always check on your current health insurance if it covers medical evacuation and international travel coverage especially with the Covid-19 scare.

However, it is always a must or a requirement to get health insurance coverage for you and your family’s protection in times of medical emergencies.

Seek Early Medical Treatment

With the Covid-19 threat, you should always be proactive with you or a family member getting sick. Seek medical care and treatment right away if you or anyone in the family has fever, fatigue, respiratory difficulty, cough, and colds that signal medical distress.

It is always recommended to call out in advance if there is an illness in the family especially on the brink of a local or community outbreak. Call your local health authority or go straight to your physician to help prevent the spread of infection.

Be Armed with the Facts

Stay informed by following the news and social media. Follow the latest developments with local public health authorities and your healthcare provider. There are tons of fake information or reports out there that have become magnified and have somewhat twisted the truth for the sake of creating hype.

Clearly, a lot of businesses may be trying to take advantage of the Covid-19 outbreak and the scare it’s creating worldwide. In fact, even Amazon has also been taking down listings of products that scream to be the cure or remedy for Covid-19.

A lot of e-commerce giants and the biggest brands are coming together and working for a good cause – to help provide factual information to their followers and getting rid of people who are using the platforms for fake shady propagandas or pure profit.

Not everything on social media is real so you have to follow and go to reputable and legitimate sites or channels like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) when it comes to information on Covid-19 or coronavirus disease.

Zip Logistics Extend Help with a Fact Guide

Zip Logistics is very careful with sharing information and wants to contribute mainly to providing factual guides and tips to help our clients, followers, and staff to protect themselves from the Covid-19.

We have responsibly sourced this blog from legitimate and credible channels or organizations that would help prevent the spread of Covid-19 without adding up to the chaos and scare tactic that bombards social media today.

Covid-19 Threatens Economy – Coronavirus Impact On Shipping

The coronavirus scare has not just brought perils to health but also brought a major worldwide economic slump. The supply chain has been disrupted which also caused a slow and downward curve to businesses globally.

Covid-19 now currently exceeds a death toll that totals a staggering 3,000 worldwide and has affected over 75,000 people across the globe is enough stats to treat this of pandemic state.

What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) is a new coronavirus strain that is said to be much worse or deadlier than flu. It has an incubation period that spans 2 to 14 days which is enough to get someone infected and spread the disease without being aware that they are sick with the virus.

This virus which looks like a halo or crown with its spiked rings belongs to the Coronaviridae family. It’s in the same family tree as MERS and SARS but has already claimed 3,000 lives in just three months.

With the rate it’s going, you could be carrying and transmitting Covid-19 without even the slightest idea that you are a carrier.

Many people who are infected are asymptomatic or may not show symptoms of the disease. With this scenario, an outbreak of pandemic proportions could happen. This unknown and novel coronavirus threat unravels potential further unknowns – which is terrifying indeed.

The United States government has been very quick in response to slow down or completely halt the spread of coronavirus. They are quarantining people who have high risks of exposure to the virus.

Local health authorities and hospitals are in close coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the diagnosis, testing, treatment, and monitoring of patients. Even the military is now actively involved in stopping this global medical emergency from spreading in the country.

Economic Impact – Shipping Industries Slowed Down By Coronavirus Scare

Every single historic event of this humongous proportion can impact world economies instantly. The supply chain has been chaotic for the past three months.

There has been an increased demand for surgical masks, disinfectant alcohol and wipes, hand sanitizers, and the like. However, shipping has been enormously affected by the novel coronavirus.

Reportedly, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, around 7 of the 10 world’s biggest container ports are based in China.

This is together with the mega ports found in South Korea and Singapore. They are now trying to reduce the number of ocean freight or sea vessels to deter or prevent the spread of coronavirus with cargo shipping.

There is a closure or limit set at this point that disrupts the global supply chains. In effect, there will also be a decrease in demand for container shipping through sea freight. This includes basic consumer goods or staples and cars. The lockdown in China seems to have paralyzed the movement of supply and demand.

Yes, it’s not just cargo shipping by the sea that has been affected, air freight and all forms of freight forwarding services have been disrupted. Inbound and outbound operations have been affected. There was a sizeable volume of business closures recently which has affected shipping in general.

Amazon and Other Tech and Ecommerce Giants Collaborate to Combat Covid-19

Many companies involved in freight or shipping, as well as e-commerce or tech giants, have come together to collaborate for a good cause. In times of global crisis, even competitors are able to set aside everything to work together.

One of the e-commerce Tech giants, Amazon, has also convened with the World Health Organization in the effort to stop or take down listings that claim to be a cure or treatment for coronavirus.

According to CNBC, Amazon together with Facebook and Google has discussed plans on combating the spread of the virus outbreak. They all agreed in unison about fact-checking information on their sites to avoid misinformation or fake reports.

Other tech giants that attended were YouTube, Verizon, Twitter, Dropbox. Apple and Uber were invited too but were not able to make it to the meeting.

Amazon and Google, as well as other e-commerce giants, are practically trying to fight off the spread of false reports or fake news online.

There is a content gap happening online or in the virtual marketplace as shady businesses or fly-by-night entrepreneurs capitalize or profit on the coronavirus scare by posting listings on vitamins or ebooks that are said to prevent, solve, or cure the disease in a zap.

Amazon and Facebook are willing to share add space to provide factual information and stop the spread of fake reports online. Even Apple had to close retail stores in China because of the Covid-19 threat.

The Global Trade Is In Doom – Preventive Measures Are Set To Fight Coronavirus Spread

Around 90% of global trade or supply channels have been disrupted by the coronavirus threat. The trade channels which are used to transport primary or basic goods that sustain life such as medicines, food, and fuel are seeing to have a lockdown as well.

Preventive measures have been set by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) with the cooperation of different shipping organizations and ports to help prevent the spread of the disease and also to enable continuity in trade operations. To avoid closure of ports, ICS recommends the following precautionary and preventive measures:

  • ICS recommended the implementation of exit screening in all ports. Passengers who show symptoms of the coronavirus will then be isolated from other people to prevent transmission.
  • A quarantine period for 14 days has been set in place for all vessels coming from or are transiting China. Reports that disclose the health status of the crew members and passengers are to be submitted prior to berthing.

Ships are not able to call on ports just yet. In the same way, inland and air freight are on a freeze and can’t move products or raw materials. Production, as well as the export or movement of goods or commodities, has largely felt a major setback.

Transport restrictions have been put in place due to the coronavirus alert. This has been a major blow to the trading industry as it faces its biggest financial slump so far.

This health or medical pandemic has caused massive and expensive chaos to businesses worldwide. The big players may be able to thrive but the smaller ones may be facing a challenging ordeal with this Covid-19 paralyzing shipping and freight forwarding services altogether.

Are we in doom? Not likely. Businesses have faced many huge downfalls or hurdles in the past years. Economies may have waged wars against each other or with Covid-19. But Zip Logistics, as well as other players in the industry, aren’t shaken a bit.

We do care about your cargo.

This isn’t just a tagline or a catchphrase, Zip Logistics seriously does.

We move your business forward. No Covid-19 can stop that.

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