4 Tips for Choosing The Right International Freight Forwarder For Your Business

If you want to hire an international freight forwarder for the purpose of organizing your shipments, you should opt for a company which has four important customer service elements in place. To help you find the right freight forwarder, we’ve compiled a practical list of four things to look for while you are shopping around online.

A good company of this type will offer practical services. It will procure products from manufacturers and then ship them to marketplaces or end-users

Once you’ve perused our helpful list, you’ll be primed to find the sort of freight forwarder which really delivers. This type of company may also be known as a forwarding agent.

Look for a Strong Presence At Your Location

You will need prompt and professional service that doesn’t quit. This is why it makes sense to find out if a provider company offers a network of forwarding agents at your location and/or destination. Agents at your location will be standing by in order to provide you with guidance, support and services. It will easy to get in touch and to schedule face-to-face meetings if they are needed.

Also, a presence at your destination is really important! For example, if you’re planning to have shipments sent overseas, knowing that overseas agents are in place will give you greater peace of mind, as these agents will be able to deal with a host of problems, from labor disruptions at ports to customs snafus and beyond.

Search for Fast Freight Forwarding Services

You will also want to ensure that your shipments reach their destinations exactly when you want them to. This is why you’ll need to make certain that a provider company has the infrastructure and professionalism to ship items quickly, according to your preferred timeline…or even faster! Some companies have the right systems in place and others may drop the ball in this important area.

Establishing the dependability of a freight forwarder will be easier when you take the time to read customer reviews online. Seeing what actual clients have to say is often very illuminating, so we do recommend this sort of due diligence while you’re performing comparison-shopping.

Look for Flexible and Personalized Services

You have specific needs and this means that you must find a freight forwarding company whose representatives are willing to personalize services with a mind to meeting your precise requirements. Some companies don’t offer the same flexibility as others. In general, bigger companies will offer a lower degree of flexibility, but have better infrastructure. Smaller companies may be more willing to alter things according to your preferences. However, these smaller firms may not have as many resources when it comes to moving cargo rapidly.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about. Weigh the pros and cons and then find a company which offers just the right blend of flexibility and efficiency.

Seek Out Superlative Customer Service

Customer service is something that always matters. A company may have everything that you need, while lacking the customer service policies that you want. It’s best to vet providers thoroughly in order to find those which have strong and positive customer service reputations. One strategy is to check out the rankings of prospective providers via the Better Business Bureau website or via another consumer watchdog organization. The testimonials posted at freight forwarding websites are typically marketing materials, so it’s important to move outside of these official websites and look for other feedback which relates to customer service.

You should be looking for feedback which underscores a provider’s commitment to responsiveness. You’ll want quick answers if there are problems and a company which isn’t responsive will slow things down. If a lot of customers like dealing with a company, you probably will, too. It’s really that simple.

Look for the Right Provider Today

Now that you know the basics, you’ll be ready to comparison-shop the smart way. There are great companies out there, as well as a few bad apples. Selecting the right company will be easier now that you know 4 tips for choosing the right international freight forwarder for your business.

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    Cargo Insurance is also an essential element because, because ideal freight forwarder does offer insurance policies for the shipments of businesses in case of theft, damage, or loss.

  3. Sutton Turner

    I am glad you talked about searching for fast freight mailing services. I sent a package to my cousin in Japan and so I had to use a freight forwarder. Thanks for the tips on choosing the right international forwarder.

  4. Najma Qureshi

    A freight forwarder, forwarder, or forwarding agent, also known as a non-vessel operating common carry iis a person or company that organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution.


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